How's my son gonna feel?

During the disease process your child may have these feelings:

Confusion. You will most likely not understand everything that is going on, changes in your body or health, new rules for your care, etc. It is necessary to explain with words and ideas suitable for his age and without giving him more information than he asks.

Annoyance. Sometimes this is the way to express your pain and your courage because you can't do your life normally. Remember, it's not like he's mad at you, he just doesn't know how to deal with this.

Fault. Children, even if they don't say so, can feel guilty about being sick. They think that illness is a punishment for some mischief, behavior or inappropriate thinking. If you detect these thoughts, you have to talk to them and repeat as many times as necessary, it is not their fault that their body is sick, but not because of something bad they have done.

Little by little, if you accompany them with affection and information, those feelings are settling in.

You'll be surprised how children have the ability to adapt to everything!

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