Ayudaton on radio

Ayudaton Radio

What is Ayudaton on radio?

House of Friendship institution whose mission is to contribute to raise the rate of survival of children and young people of scarce resources suffering from cancer in Mexico and, Average Capital With its radio stations reaching more than 150 thousand radio listeners in 16 states of the country, they will join efforts to form the first Ayudaton on radio for the benefit of the Institution.

A radio Ayudaton is a relief marathon that is transmitted by a radio frequency and massively.

This format allows air messages to be transmitted for several consecutive hours, during which radio listeners will be able to learn inspiring stories, live interviews and information on the work of Casa de la Amistad and the different ways to add to the cause.

During the next 7 and 8 November, Ayudaton on radio will be part of the strategy of The procurement of funds from the House of Friendship; The aim of this event is to capture as many monthly donors as possible (Guardian Angels).

A generous team of volunteers will address incoming calls to the 800 YES ANGEL and help both capture and provide information for all interested donors.

It will undoubtedly be a great event that, thanks to the support of all, will allow the institution to remain in the minds of the listeners and will generate more donations to continue saving the lives of thousands of children and young people with cancer.

Do not miss the broadcast on 7 and 8 November.

Ayudaton Radio. Transmitting life.

Learn more about the Guardian Angels program.

Listen to the Ayudaton LIVE.

#LiberaLasAlas Summate as a monthly donor.

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