Family and routine changes


When someone in the family is sick with cancer, everyone's routine and roles at home change or have to be readjusted.


Doctor visits and treatments should be attended promptly. Some patients have to get their treatment away from where they live and this causes the family to be divided: one parent will go with the child to the hospital and the other has to take care of the house and the other children.  If the family has only one parent it is very important to seek support from relatives, neighbors or Close and trusted people to care for the children who stay in the family home. The reason for the absence must be explained to the family.

To cope with these changes, Casa De La Amistad supports families with shelter, transportation and food who have to move from their place of origin to Mexico City to continue the treatment of their children.


Remember that all these changes are only one stage and will be temporary. Cheer up!


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