House of Friendship for Children with Cancer, I.A.P. receives the visit of World of Children

On June 29, Casa de la Amistad for Children with Cancer, I.A.P., received the visit of World of Children, an institution with a global program of recognition and financing for foundations that specifically and exclusively serve the needs of children since 1998.
World of Children awarded in 2015, our founder, Mrs. Amalia García Moreno, the Health Award, making her the first Mexican recognized with this distinction among more than 2,400 participants.
This award honors leaders internationally and recognizes their significant contribution in improving the health of children around the world. It also grants them funds to support their cause. With this donation, Casa de la Amistad has been able to help more children to overcome cancer and recover their health.
During his visit to Casa de la Amistad, Harry Leibowitz, Co-Founder of World of Children, he mentioned "House of Friendship should be a model around the world of care needed to treat childhood cancer." On the other hand, Eva Chayet, volunteer of the institution, said " A visit to Casa de la Amistad awakens all the love and compassion that we have inside. The smiles of the children sheltered in this house will be forever rooted in my heart. "
" We want our beneficiaries to only care about recovering their health. With great international allies such as World of Children, we will achieve our main objective: to raise the survival rate of children and young people suffering from cancer in Mexico, since this represents the first cause of death due to illness in our country, " said Amalia Garcia Moreno.

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