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The Rodriguez and beyond

The Rodríguezs and the afterlife

A family off this planet is about to come to your life and to that of all of our friends benefitting from House of friendship!

We want to invite you to this November 1 do not miss the new film of Paco Arango, a director, actor and writer with solidarity and a good heart.

"The Rodríguezs and the afterlife” it is, without a doubt, the funniest movie Paco has ever made, and we guarantee that the whole family will laugh and enjoy this project.

Reasons to see it there are many: it is original, it is a film with cause and has a large cast of Spanish and Mexican actors, for example, the handsome Aron Piper, The Great Geraldine Chaplin (granddaughter of Charles Chaplin), Rossy de Palma, Santiago Segura and our Mexican cocks Mariana Treviño and Omar Chaparro, who are guarantees when it comes to comedy.

Paco Arango's films are born not only from his mind, but also from his heart.

But ... who's Paco Arango?

He is a talented Mexican who as a child was taken to live in Spain, his second homeland, and one day he realized that to fill his existence he had to contribute something tangible to society, so he dedicates his daily life to keep him company and provide distraction to children and adolescents with cancer.

Using magic tricks and his great human quality, Paco manages to conquer the hearts of children and becomes his companion and friend. Not satisfied with this, Paco takes advantage of his artistic side to raise funds and support children with this disease.

Among his works we find that he is founder and president of the Aladina Foundation, which aims to help children and adolescents sick with cancer, in addition, as a good producer, director and screenwriter, has already several successes to his credit and all dedicated to the fight against childhood and youth cancer, for example, has used the profits of his TV series Ala ... Dina!, his first opera “Maktub” and his second film "What really matters” to the noble cause. Paco's favorite phrase is, " you can make movies and do good”"

In 2017, Casa De La Amistad received profit from the box office of the film "What really matters”, a 100% charitable film that paid off in several countries by helping children in vulnerable situations.

The magic jewel you keep inside "The Rodríguezs and the afterlife” (and the main reason why we should all go to the cinema to see it) is that of the common good, since this year part of the profits that are obtained at the box office will be donated to House of Friendship for children with cancer I. A. P., whose mission is to contribute to raising the rate of survival of children, girls and disadvantaged youth with cancer.

So this is our chance to be anonymous heroes and go to the movies thinking that this act of love will create an unbreakable bond of hope. Remember that against this disease, Time is gold, and your support is more.

Helping has never been so easy and so fun, especially if you realize that your ticket will give a healthier future.

We are convinced that with your help, this will come true.


And ... how to be part of this great work? Going to the movies!

"The Rodríguezs and the afterlife” it will be in every movie theater in the country from November 1st; your attendance and that of your entire family is essential.

If we still don't move your heart and desire, you have to watch the trailer and you will realize that it is a film worthy of American productions. Go to Page

Helping has never been easier!

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