How to talk about childhood cancer with the family?

How do you talk about cancer with your siblings?

How do I give your siblings this news?

Your other children should know what happens to their brother, explain them, taking into account their age, what the disease consists of, its treatment and the process.

Tell them that their brother or sister will require extraordinary care due to illness. In this way they will be supportive, they will understand what is happening and they will not feel abandoned.

Sow hope in their hearts and tell them that it will be a long and difficult time, but that together you can endure it.

Share with them the changes in the routines at home, explain the reason for the absence of one of their parents.

Take advantage when you visit the hospital, where you will have more information and share it with them, always trying not to scare them.

Let them know how much you love them and the importance of their help in fighting the battle for their brother's health.

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