Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and it's a very special day when somehow or another we want to thank Dad for everything he does for us.


In Mexico, Father's Day is a tradition that has been celebrated since 1950 and has now become a party to spend a pleasant time with the family. Surely many times we have heard the expression "no one is born knowing how to be a father", that is why we have to value all the dedication and time they invest towards us. On many occasions we thought that we were given little time, but, when we diged in the past we discovered the real reasons: hard work, long days, two jobs in a row and everything our parents have been through to be able to give us the best cart or the most beautiful doll.


At Casa de la Amistad we want you to show Dad your love and gratitude with a Gift with Cause. In addition to being a nice detail, you'll be helping more girls, boys and teens with cancer can continue their treatment.


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