Who is your health team? - Parents guide

At Casa de la Amistad we know that health care is teamwork.

For the families of girls, boys and young people with cancer, the health team is made up of all those people who work to help them fight the disease, adapt and face the whole process.

But who is this team?

1. Specialists in Pediatrics:They arehealthcare professionalsspecialized in girls, boys and babies. Your Pediatrician will follow up during the process and will be responsible for reviewing and attending to everything related to the child even when it does not have to do with cancer.

2. Specialists in Hemato-Oncology:They are health professionals who specialize in treating cancer. They will indicate together with their team what is the appropriate treatment for your son or daughter and will be able to help you in everything related to the disease.

3. Nursing: They arehealth professionals who They help Doctors do their job; they have special training. They will indicate your appointments with the doctor and they will accompany you during hospitalizations, verifying that everything is going well to assist your son or daughter in whatever they need.

4. Social Work Area:This area will be in charge of helping you to carry out the procedures within the hospital, the hostel or other institutions.

5. Nutrition Specialists:They are specialists who will provide your son or daughter with an adequate diet so that their body remains strong and healthy, which will allow the medications to better fight the disease.

6. Teachers and teachers:They will help during your stay at Casa de la Amistad so that your son or daughter continues with their school development and to keep them up-to-date on school duties without stopping their education.

7. Psychologists and Psychologists: Its objective is to provide a space to listen to mothers and fathers, to work with their strength so that they can take care of and help their children to better understand the situation they are going through; understand the disease process, know and accept your feelings.

8. Volunteers:They are a group of big-hearted people that support families in different activities in the shelter and / or in the hospital, they can accompany you and help you during the disease process.

9. Spiritual Counselors: If you need spiritual help, whatever your religion or beliefs, reach out to them. The support that hope can give in these moments can be very important to you and your family.

Remember that all the people who collaborate in the Casa de la Amistad shelter work to be able to provide the necessary help to you and your child in their day to day. They can all guide you and help you find support and information.

Don't hesitate to get closer!

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