MARIEL, 8 YEARS OLD. Tuxtepec, Oaxaca " In 2015 we are confirmed that Mariel had a cancerous tumor (neuroblastoma) in stage 4 with metastasis. In January 2016, he started his chemotherapy cycles which were very aggressive and in September 2016 he started his surveillance. We returned home to continue our life, but in December <...> we received the sad news that I now had High Risk Lymphoblastic Acute Leukemia. It's been tough, but Mariel has afwrong not to give up and to fight for life. During this time family and friends have supported us. In this struggle we have met people who without knowing us have given us their support, as the House of Friendship for Children with Cancer that was a ray of light for us, because they have made us feel that we are not alone. " -Mama de Mariel, beneficiary of Casa de la Amistad.

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