What is an assertive donation?

Donate assertively, donate pretty.

Being assertive means being able to express what we want correctly, at the right time and without affecting others.

It's that pretty middle ground, neither passive, nor aggressive, where we all have the potential to feel satisfied and be happy.

But what do we mean by "assertive donation"?

While it is true that donating is a selfless and voluntary act, it is also true that it brings with it a great reward.

You go, you leave your donation, you turn around and three steps after a smile is drawn, if not in your mouth, if inside.

Your look turns bright and a pretty "I don't know what" invades your body.

This, friends, is called: SA-TIS-FAC-CION. And of course, it feels great.

On the other hand is there someone who doesn't like gifts?

Is there anyone who doesn't like gifts?

Receiving feels good, but, it's true! It feels muuuucho better when you get something you seriously needed.

And it is that assertiveness is a quality of effective communication, do you remember that saying: "in asking is the giving"?

Then there is the key!

A Assertive donation it is just the one that covers a specific need and that, then, generates greater satisfaction in who gives as in whom it receives. A real act of reciprocity.

That said, here are some important points that we need to take into account before making a donation:

  • Ask yourself what do you have to give?
Whether we have checked in our closet or alacena looking for that we never use (nor will we use) and that it is in very good condition. May we have done a "keeper" or are changing the bad habit of smoking to make a social investment and Donate in cash to a good cause. We all can give something useful, as far as our possibilities are concerned.

Charities and/or social organisations will always need some sort of support. From cash donations, which are always very useful, to donations in kind, such as food, clothes and second-hand shoes, or support in volunteering. Always ask what are the needs of that organization that gives you confidence or the one that gets you close to home. Search your own social networks or phone and so you'll make sure that what you donate is well taken advantage of.


Now yes! Take that adventure towards giving better < 3 Give assertively.


  • Buenas tardes, estoy interesada en donar cabello. Si es posible, quisiera saber donde puedo donarlo y cuáles son los requisitos. Gracias

    Paola López
  • Quiero donar mi cabello, ya mide más de 30 y es abundante me urge saber dónde lo puedo hacer

    María Elena Orozco González
  • Hola! somos una marca de ropa y queremos donar ropa nueva estampada desde playeritas de niño hasta ropa de adulto, les agradezco si les es útil

    luis cabrera
  • Buenos días, aceptan juguetes?

    Luis Gutierrez
  • Quisiera informes sobre la opción de donación de cabello.

    Juana Santana Nieves

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