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In Mexico, childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in children between the ages of 5 and 14.

Each year, at least 5 1,000 new cases are detected of childhood cancer in our country and unfortunately today only half of the girls and boys diagnosed manage to continue their lives, due to late detection

At Casa de la Amistad for Children with Cancer I.A.P., we have set ourselves a goal to help raise the survival rate of children and young people with cancer in Mexico and to help families with scarce resources go through a process as complex as childhood cancer. It is thanks to the support of many people that, in 30 years of hard work, we have built a model of comprehensive support that provides a life opportunity for those who need it most.

The commitment of companies like Wilson Sporting Goods Mexico, from whom Casa de la Amistad has received diverse and very generous donations, it has allowed us to provide cancer treatment to more than 12,000 girls, boys and young people with cancer and count more than one success story. For more than 11 years, his steadfastness and loyalty to the cause are a source of deep appreciation for the great social work that undoubtedly reflects the quality of people who are part of the company.

Today we feel happiness, pride and a great emotion for this space that they give us to spread this social cause with all their readers, to whom we thank let us enter their hearts and welcome this great family with this video about our work.


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