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guardian angel!

Donate monthly, and together with Casa de la Amistad give hope to children and young people suffering from cancer.

What is a guardian angel?

Thanks to the generosity of our guardian angels, all the support provided to families is free of charge.

Join the group of people who want to change the history of childhood cancer in Mexico.

How do your donations help?

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We provide
quality nutrition

Good nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars during cancer treatment.

Your donation will cover the five meals a family eats in one day.


Every day, our children and young people are transported to hospitals in different parts of the city to receive their cancer treatments.

Your donation will make possible for 20 of our children and their parents to travel to and from the hospitals.

Studies, chemotherapy, medicines, and prosthesis.

Your donation will cover a portion of the cost of studies, chemotherapy, medicines, and prostheses required during treatment.

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