Conoce a nuestro equipo

Our values


Acting correctly, with integrity and honestly according to our values and principles.


Not to discriminate or offend anyone of their way of life an their decisions.


Perceiving, sharing and understanding the feelings an emotions of others.

Our Team

Dra. Lorenza Mariscal Servitje

Board president

Ing. Leonardo Arana


Lic. Mónica Peimbert Díaz

Operations director

Lic. Karla Hernández Tostado

Fundraising director

Lic. Silvia Ornelas Flores

Medical Support director

Lic. Rafael Verenzuela Péreira

Finance director


The board of Casa de la Amistad is distinguished by its diversity and commitment, composed of a total of 32 members, each of whom brings valuable professional perspective and experience in various fields such as medicine, finance, law, engineering, among others.

These passionate benefactors are divided into 10 specialized committees, whose roles and responsibilities intertwine to provide unparalleled strategic support to the organization.

Their hard work and dedication have been fundamental to the continuous success of Casa de la Amistad, ensuring that this noble institution can continue to fulfill its mission of improving the quality of life for those most in need.


The volunteering at  de Casa de la Amistad is the beating heart of our institution, comprised of an incredible team of  108 dedicated and altruistic volunteers.  These brave and committed women generously donate their time and effort to participate in a wide range of activities essential to Casa de la Amistad´s mission. 

Organized in 22 specialized committees, these volunteers are the driving force behind our initiatives, providing invaluable support to those in need and contributing to the well-being of the community. Their tireless commitment and passion for service are inspiring examples of solidarity and empathy in action.