How am I going to feel? -When a child has cancer-

How am I going to feel?

How am I going to feel?

Most parents feel fear, anguish, uncertainty, anger, helplessness, discouragement, and many feelings that can vary in intensity, appear and disappear at certain times. They will be accommodated internally, the important thing is to know that although cancer is a serious disease, there is always hope. Some tips that can help: Express how you feel, whether it's with a professional, family member, or friend you trust. Venting always gives us more strength and makes us feel better! Respect the feelings of others. Our emotions can be easily perceived by our child. It's important for him or her to know that even when you care, you're by his or her side to give him or her support and strength. Look for moments so they can speak and express themselves without reservation or fear. Remember that emotions don't affect the outcome of treatment, some days you'll feel sadder or more worried (a), it's normal, but always try to identify what's wrong with you and talk about it so you can get over it. How's my son going to feel? (Continue reading)

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