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Be part of the Casa de la Amistad Donation League: donate items in good condition, or household products that will help us continue to function as a shelter.

  • Meals

  • Objects

Mauricio. Child supported by CDLA.

Help us to provide

quality nutrition!

Nutrition is a key factor for children with cancer. Maintaining a balanced diet allows children to feel better and stay strong during treatment.

That is why Casa de la Amistad provides an average of 7,000 meals a month, serving 5 meals a day to girls, boys, youth and their families.

See the list of needs for this month:

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Important: help us keep our little ones healthy. Please take into account the following considerations:

Nonperishable food - Ensure that food are not expired and cans are not dented.

Perishable food - Ensure that it is in good condition, that packages are sealed and maintained cold.

Bring new life and meaning to the objects you no longer use!

What can you donate?

  • • Clothes
  • • Shoes
  • • Toys
  • • Books
  • • Decoration objects
  • • Picture
  • • Furniture
  • • Electronic

Important: Help us take care of the health of our little ones!

Avoid bringing underwear, things that have had contact with pets, healing materials and medicines.

How do I donate?

Bring your donations to the shelterl!

House of Friendship for Children with Cancer I.A.P.

Aldama 2, Col. San Juan Tepepan, Xochimilco, Mexico City, CDMX. Tel. 553000 6900. Hours: Mon-Sun from 8 am to 6 pm, 365 days a year.

Have us pick them!

Schedule your pickup:

Call to the 800 11 22 210 or write us to:

In our virtual store Super help!

By donating through our Super Help virtual store, you will be donating the money so that we can acquire the products required to support our shelter.

It's very easy! Just add the product you want to help with to the shopping cart and donate.

We will buy the product for you!

On behalf of all the girls, boys, youth and families of Casa de la Amistad:

Thank you!

What is an assertive donation?

While it is true that donating is a selfless and voluntary act, it is also true that it brings with it a great reward.

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